Would you use the family car to haul a load of bricks?

As crazy as it would be to haul bricks with the family car — cleaning a dense commercial glue down carpet using a "residential" cleaning process is equally crazy.

Cleaning a commercial carpet as if it were a residential carpet simply isn't a good fit. Yet that's the way it's been done for years. No wonder there's been so much frustration maintaining commercial carpet.
Commercial glue down carpets are different
  • Densely packed fiber (limited airflow)
  • Glued to the floor (limited airflow)
  • Often matted/crushed fiber (limited airflow)
  • Often olefin/polypropylene fiber (naturally wicks)
Commercial glue down carpet challenges
  • Wicking & recurring spill stains
  • Dinginess of traffic lanes
  • Carpets "ugly out" before they wear out
Recurring spill stains can be a nightmare